Do you need to ship a car to or from the state of Alabama?

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Alabama is a beautiful place to live, and if you are looking for car shipping to or from Alabama, then you have come to the right place! Fill out the quote form, or call today 954-641-8660 to start receiving Alabama auto shipping quotes. Maybe you are relocating to Alabama, and need to have your car transported  here, in that case you might interested to know a little bit more about the state of Alabama.

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The US state of Alabama was founded in December 14, 1819 at a region that was previously occupied by American Indians about 10,000 years ago. The state’s capital is Montgomery. As of 2013, this capital city had a population of 201,332 and the figure is presumed to have not changed much. In addition, the State of Alabama’s most populated city is Birmingham with a total of approximately 212,237 people. Birmingham city is located along latitude 33.521 and longitude -86.802. This city is followed closely by the state’s capital city Montgomery whose population is approximated at 205,764. The city of Montgomery is located along latitude 32.367 and longitude -86.3. The third most populated city is the state of Alabama is Mobile found along latitude 30.694 and longitude -88.043 with a population of 195,111 as of the nation’s latest count. 

Do you need to ship a car to or from the state of Alabama?

Alabama State is located to the south-east of the United States. To its north is the state Tennessee, Georgia borders it to the east, the Gulf of Mexico and Florida to the south and Mississippi is located to the west of Alabama. Its total population as of 2014 is 4.849 million and has been increasing with significant figures since 2000.  The state of Alabama experiences a humid-subtropical climate with a mean annual temperature of 18 degrees centigrade (64 °F). Temperatures tend to be warmer to the southern regions near the Gulf of Mexico with highs of up to 78 °F while its northern regions particularly the Appalachian Mountains record cooler temperatures with lows of up to 47 °F. 

The state has a predominantly agricultural history as a former cotton hub. More than anything else, cotton was the guiding economic force in the making of the state of Alabama. It experienced growth following the Second World War as its economy transitioned from the primarily agricultural one into one with diverse industrial output. The state’s modern economy has transitioned from coal mining to iron and steel production with its current leading export being the autos. It is also recording notable success in the chemical industry with its other major exports being computer and transportation equipment as well as clothing. Alabama is a strong player in the fields of space research and aeronautics. Today, its main import is crude oil particularly from Canada. 

The state of Alabama is served by a number of federal and state highways identified by numbers as the standard system. The longest of these is Interstate 65 which covers 367 miles and serves the state’s capital Montgomery and other main cities including Birmingham and Huntsville. Interstate 59 is also long and passes through Birmingham city. Birmingham is also served by interstate 20, with the exemption of Interstate 459 that only passes close to it while the city of Mobile is served by Interstate 10. As of the close of business on April 25, 2015, the average gasoline price in the state of Alabama is $2.30 and experiences a rising trend. So whether you shipping a car to Alabama or shipping a car from Alabama, Best Price Auto Shipping has you covered.