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Arkansas is one of the most beautiful places in the US, and if you are looking to get a quote to ship your car to or from Arkansas you have come to the right place! Maybe your are moving or Arkansas or just need to have car transported to or from here, either way you might be interested in learning more about the great state of Arkansas.

Ship Vehicle to or from Arkansas

First of all did you know that the state of Arkansas was created on June 15, 1836 after acquisition of part of the land in the Louisiana Purchase and becoming a separate land in 1819. Its capital is Little Rock situated toward the center of the state. Little Rock has a population of 197,357 as of 2013, making it the most populous city in the State of Arkansas. This city also serves as the county seat of Pulaski County. Little Rock, the state capital of the US state of Arkansas is also among the most populated cities in this state.

It takes the leading position with its total population of approximately 197, 357 people. It is followed by Fort Smith which has a population of 87, 650 from the latest census. Fayetteville takes the third position in terms of the most populated cities in this state, with a total of 78, 960 people. Arkansas is one of the least populated states in the United States of America. It stands at number 32 with an aggregate population of 2.966 million as of the 2014 USA census. This is a notable increase from the previous statistics of 2013 when the population of this state stood at 2,959,373.

Ship a Car to or from the State of Arkansas

Arkansas is generally classified as having a humid sub-tropical climate experiencing numerous climate extremes with the entire state experiencing four discrete seasons, its slight regional variations being brought about by the slight topographical variances between its lowlands and highlands. The state’s south-eastern zones are warmer and wetter compared to its north-western side, the hottest months of the year having state-wide normal high temperature that lingers in the lows of 90s Fahrenheit and highs that can go up to three digit figures and deep in winter, the daytime highs are normally in the 50s and overnight lows 30s.

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The state’s main export is civilian aircraft as reported in 2011. Other key exports by the state are agricultural produces including soybeans, poultry, cotton, wheat and their products. Its major import is petroleum that is used in the transportation sector. The state is served by a number of main highways. I-30 goes through the cities of Hope, Benton, Arkadelphia and the state capital Little Rock. I-40 connects with I-30 and serves a number of main cities including Van Buren, Conway, Russellville and North Little Rock. Another long highway in Arkansas that is yet to be constructed is I-69 which is set to measure approximately 298 kilometers and serve different major cities in the state. By the close of business on April 26, 2015, the average fuel price in Arkansas was $2.29 per gallon and is projected to have a rising trend. So whether you shipping a car to Arkansas or shipping a car from Arkansas , Best Price Auto Shipping has you covered.