Auto Shipping Checklist

Auto Shipping Checklist


Make sure you have a complete set of keys for the auto carrier (ignition, trunk and glove box keys). All Carriers are required by the DOT to have a complete set for each vehicle. In the event that the driver is questioned, this will keep him in compliance with auto transport regulation.


Be sure to remove all car phones and GPS systems from your vehicle. Most car phones and GPS systems have the ability to be removed.


If you have any antennas for your CB, radio, or cell phone that can be removed, please take them down. When possible, lower your retractable antennas to ensure they don’t get broken off in transport.


Anything that is removable from the exterior of your car should be removed for transport. This will help the driver with loading and give you added assurance that your auto accessories will not be damaged.

Auto Shipping Checklist

Gas Level: 

It is recommended that you drive your car down to about ¼ tank. This will help with weight and safety.

Personal Items: 

Your car transport fee has many variables, including shipping weight. Some carriers will allow up to 100 lbs of personal belongings in the trunk of your vehicle during transport. You should also be aware that your personal items are not covered by the transporters insurance coverage.


Make sure you disable your car alarm. This could potentially save you time and money. Your car is likely to feel a few bumps along the way and you don’t want to experience a set back of your car not starting at the time of delivery.

Clean Car: 

Washing your car prior to pick up will help you account for your cars condition. This will better help you and your transporter give a quick and accurate assessment of your vehicles overall condition.