Auto Shipping Tips

Auto Shipping Tips

Most auto transport companies will request that you do some preparation in advance before your scheduled car shipping pick-up date.

Here are a few quick Auto Shipping tips:

Review your Auto Transport Quotes & do your Research! We recommend that you do research online with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Better Business Bureau (BBB), & Car Shipping Reviews to ensure that you choose the most reliable car shipper.

Make sure your vehicle is INSURED! Generally your State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) requires that all vehicles must have insurance to be on public road ways. If your car is already insured, then you are on your way! We do not require you to purchase additional insurance; we just recommend that you have insurance in place at the time your vehicle is being transported. In addition, if the car was damaged directly by the carrier during transport, then the auto carrier’s insurance would be responsible. Rest assured, when shipping your auto you are 100% covered!

Auto Shipping Tips

Is your Vehicle Operational? It is a good idea to have your car serviced, and make sure all fluids are full, tire pressure is adequate, and the battery is charged. If your vehicle is leaking any fluids, please let the driver know, so we put your vehicle on the bottom rack so it doesn’t leak on any of the other cars during transport. If your vehicle is not running, that’s OK, we got you covered. We also have drivers that can winch your car onto the trailer. Please make sure to let us know that your car is not running so we can plan ahead, and make sure we get the proper equipment there to load your vehicle. In most cases there will be an additional charge if your vehicle is inoperable, or if there are any other additions to your vehicle such as camper shells, lifted/oversized trucks. Please make sure you specify any and all modifications to your vehicle for an accurate quote.

Remove any accessories that could be damaged during transport.  Remove or fold in any antennas, spoilers, car covers, mirrors or any other accessory that could possibly tear off or be damaged during transport. Also make sure to disable any car alarms or radar detectors.

Empty your gas tank to ¼ full. The lighter your car is the better, so please make sure you do not have more than a quarter of a tank prior to your auto transport.

Consider using Enclosed Transport for your valuable vehicles. If you are transporting a classic, custom, rare, exotic, or otherwise expensive vehicle, you might want to consider an enclosed transport to protect your vehicle from outside elements. If you are concerned about keeping your expensive vehicle in perfect condition, then you paying a little extra to have your vehicle in an enclosed trailer might be worth the extra expense.

Have an extra set of keys handy. It’s a good idea to have a whole set of keys for the auto transport company, as well as a full extra set for yourself.

Clean your Car! Make sure your car is clean on the exterior so it can be properly inspected by the car carrier at your pickup origin. Be sure you inspect your vehicle with the auto transport company, and sign the Shipping Bill of Lading. All exterior and interior defects should be documented on the Bill of Lading. Also, when you pick up your vehicle at your destination, you will want to do another inspection.

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