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Whether you are shipping your car to or from New York, Best Price Auto Shipping is your online source for getting the BEST PRICE on shipping your vehicle. Fill out the short, simple, no obligation quote form to the right, then start receiving and comparing your auto transport quotes.
*Shipping rates as low as $399 depending on your origin and destination.

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Do you need to ship a car to or from the State of New York?
If so, then you have come to the best place, to the get the Best Price in Auto Shipping!

new york auto transportNew York is one of the most beautiful states to live or visit in the United States. Maybe your are relocating to New York or just need to have your vehicle transported to or from here, either way at Best Price Auto Shipping we will guide you through the entire New York auto shipping process. Whether you need to ship one car or multiple vehicles we got your covered, just simply fill out the short, simple quote form above, or call 800-691-2347 to start receiving New York auto transport quotes.  You might be interested to learn a few fun facts about the great state of New York, for example did you know New York, also known as “The Empire State” is located in the northeastern part of the United States of America. It shares its borders with Quebec and Ontario, Canada and with Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ontario and the Atlantic Ocean.The length of the boundary of New York is approximately 2,301 km. The origin of the nickname, “The Empire State” is unknown but according to some people, it is because of the wealth, prosperity and variety of resources present in the state.

New York is one of the original 13 colonies in the U.S. It achieved statehood on 26th July, 1788. New York played a very important role during the American Revolution, as millions of immigrants came to reside in the U.S. between the years 1892 and 1954. New York is the 4th biggest state in the U.S. in terms of population. According to the estimates of 2014, the population of New York is around 19,746,227. However, by area, New York ranks 27th in the country. It has an area of around 54,554 square miles (141,297 km2). Albany is the capital of New York State, which has a population of approximately 98,424 according to the estimates projections of 2013. The most populated city in New York is New York City, which has a whopping population of approximately 8,405,837 according to the estimates of 2013. Other major cities in New York include Buffalo and Rochester, having populations of around 258,959 and 210,358 respectively, according to 2013 estimates. Albany has a moderate weather in summer and it offers a very cold weather in winter. It gets as high as 82°F (27.9°C) in July and as cold as 15°F (-9.7°C) in January.

New York is leading in securities and investment sector with 8 of the 10 biggest security companies in the world stationed there. Publishing is the biggest industry in New York, which has more printing presses in New York than any of the other states. Other major industries in New York include Law Firms, Real Estate, Insurance and Entertainment. Major exports from New York include non-industrial diamonds, hand paintings, jewelry, civilian aircraft engines and parts and refined oil. Major imports to New York include non-industrial diamonds, natural gas, hand paintings and non-monetary gold.

ny auto transportNew York State Route 17 is one of the most famous highways in New York. It begins at Mina, Pennsylvania and goes through Corning, Binghamton, and Woodbury. It is the longest highway in New York, which stretches over 397 miles. Other famous routes include Route 287, which goes from Tappan Zee to the beautiful landscapes and gardens of Lyndhurst. Route 95, another famous highway, goes to City Island across the George Washington Bridge and provides beautiful and breathtaking views of Long Island Sound and Eastchester Bay. Other notable and famous highways include Route 9, which goes to Sleepy Hollow, which is adorned with beautiful wild flowers and colored cottages and the Great Lakes Seaway Trail which stretches for around 500 miles along the northern coast. New York is little bit on the expensive side when it comes to gas prices between different states in the U.S. The average gasoline price in New York currently stands at around $2.80 per gallon. So whether you are shipping a car to New York or from New York, Best Price Auto Shipping has you covered.

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Here at Best Price Auto Shipping  we are dedicated to providing you with dependable auto shipping quotes at the best price possible. Whether you are moving your car just a few states away or coast to coast Best Price Auto Shipping is your online source for getting the BEST PRICE on shipping your vehicle.

Our short, simple quote form will give you 10 instant auto transport quotes from the most professional, reliable and affordable auto shippers in the nation. Our network of reliable auto transport companies meet all government regulations and have a satisfactory Better Business Bureau rating, which means you will get the best price for outstanding quality service. Transport your auto anywhere in the United States; whether your car simply needs to be shipped up the coast across the nation, or just a few states away, you can rely on Best Price Auto Shipping to deliver you the best auto shipping quotes guaranteed!

Best Price Auto Shipping understands that having someone transport your auto is no small matter, your car is not only an expensive possession, it's also part of the family. Our 5 Star Approved Carriers take great care to ensure that your car is protected from start to finish. To learn more about shipping your car check out our auto shipping process page for our Simple 5 Steps when transporting your vehicle!

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